Green Kenya Coffee - strong and spicy

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Green Kenya Coffee – strong, spicy

The first coffee trees reached the East African country of Kenya in the 19th century from Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee. The culture of the precious Bourbon coffee trees has only started recently in this country. The coffee is grown on more than 1,000 large plantations and by more than 500,000 small producers, mostly in altitudes between 1,500 and 2,100 metres.

The mild and consistent climate provides ideal conditions for coffee growing. The expressive highland coffee from the high-altitude tablelands around Mount Kenya is very spicy and strong, and has a distinct aroma.

The main harvest period for Kenya, which is also described as the “Switzerland of Africa”, is between October and March. The green coffee beans are shipped between November and March. This is a coffee for the connoisseur who prefers a strong and exquisite coffee taste.

Of course, this gourmet coffee has Arabica beans only.

Character – Green Kenya Coffee:

An exquisite green coffee with a strong and spicy aroma.

We recommend:

With proper packaging, green Kenya coffee can be stored for up to two years. Please also use the price advantages offered by larger ordering volumes.

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