Environment and waste disposal


1. Disposal of electric and electronic devices
2. Information on the [German] Batteries Regulation
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1. Information on the return and ecofriendly disposal of electric and electronic appliances:

The disposal of old electric appliances with domestic waste is not permitted!

Manufacturers must take back free of charge old electric devices placed on the market after 13 August 2005. Manufacturers must label their electric and electronic appliances brought on the market after 23 November 2005 with a respective symbol (crossed-out wheelie bin).

As distributors of electric appliances we are required by law to inform you that old devices may not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste but must be separately collected and disposed of via your local collection and return system.

Electric and electronic appliances containing pollutants must be identified with the symbol of a crossed-out bin.

In accordance with the [German] Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) of 23 March 2005, we only sell electric and electronic devices from manufacturers registered with the competent authority who are able to provide proof of an insolvency-insured guarantee for the financing of the return and disposal of their electric appliances.


2. Information on the [German] Batteries Regulation

Appliances may contain permanently installed batteries or accumulators. Related to the sales of batteries or accumulators we as a distributor are obliged under the Batteries regulation to inform our customers as follows:

Accumulators and batteries must not be disposed of with domestic waste. According to the Batteries Regulation, any disposal with domestic waste is expressly prohibited. As the final user, you are obligated by law to return used batteries. Please return used batteries to municipal collection points or to the respective local point of sale free of charge. Any batteries or accumulators obtained from us may also be handed in free of charge at the address below or returned to us by post.


Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee GmbH & Co. KG
Speicherhof 301
28217 Bremen/Germany

Batteries or accumulators which contain pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed out dustbin.

Beneath the symbol you can see the chemical label of the respective pollutant:

Cd = Battery/accumulator contains cadmium

Pb = Battery/accumulator contains lead

Hg = Battery/accumulator contains mercury

Li = Battery/accumulator contains lithium

Ni = Battery/accumulator contains nickel

Zi = Battery/accumulator contains zinc

Mh = Battery/accumulator contains metal hydride

You will also find this information in the accompanying documents or in the manufacturer’s instructions of use.       



3. Print / Save Environment and waste disposal








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