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Our Röstmeister saver price


1 x Röstmeister with 4 bags of green coffees

Röstmeister state-of-the art home coffee roaster for domestic use plus 4 x 300 g portion bags with the coffee varietals Brasilia, Guatemala, Kenya, Espresso.

2 x Brasilia – smooth and mild, 300 g ea.

A sophisticated coffee blend from Brazil’s best growing regions. Balanced and mild on the palate, with medium complexity and low acidity. Very stomach-friendly.

2 x Guatemala – full bodied, 300 g ea.

Premium, selected plantation coffees. Full-bodied, aromatic, with fine acidity. For the demanding coffee aficionado who appreciates the personal touch.

2 x Kenya – strong and spicy, 300 g ea.

Expressive highland coffee from the high-altitude tablelands of Mount Kenya. Very spicy and strong with a distinct aroma. For the connoisseur who prefers an exquisite coffee. Of course, this gourmet coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans.

2 x Espresso - Gusto Italiano, 300 g ea.

A balanced coffee, specifically blended for preparing Espresso. Typical aroma, creamy, enticing appearance – just as the Italians like it. Very stomach friendly throughout the day.

2 x Colombia - mild and aromatic, 300 g ea.

Highland coffee from the best growing areas of Colombia. Mild, yet highly aromatic taste, with a nice complexity and fine acidity.

2 x Ethiopia – highly aromatic and spicy, 300 g ea.

Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee; connoisseurs appreciate the high-quality coffees for their distinct taste. Ethiopian coffees rank among the best in the word.

Technical specifications: Röstmeister plus 16 portion bags of green coffee

  • roasting basket volume: 300 g
  • stainless steel coffee roasting basket
  • 5 roasting levels for coffee home roasting
  • 2 roasting levels for Espresso
  • electronic roasting programme sequence
  • easy to clean
  • colour of coffee roaster: black
  • power requirements: 230 V~, 2000 W, 50 Hz
  • dimensions of coffee roaster in mm ( l x w x h ): 455 x 205 x 220

Video coffee roaster:

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