Coffee accessories, useful and practical

Coffee accessories, useful and practicalHere you will find the beautiful and useful for your coffee preparation.
Coffee Canister - practical and decorative
Coffee Canister

Decorative and practical tins for freshly roasted coffee beans.

Other coffee accessories

For your own coffee roasting the suitable bag is available here.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

With a gift certificate, you always have the right gift.

Accessories that make your coffee an experience

As good taste does not end with coffee, we make your coffee experience perfect with our high-quality accessories. We supply you with everything you need for this, from the coffee can to the coffee filter to the milk frother.

Wherever you are, whether at home or in the office, with our accessories you can make your coffee varied. With our coffee filters made of glass or porcelain, the temperature, brewing time and dosage of the coffee taste can be individually influenced. When brewing by hand, you can thus control the important factors of coffee preparation. Only a few coffee machines on the market can brew such a tasty and aromatic coffee.

Our milk frothers with which you can prepare delicious milk coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato round off our range of accessories.

What else the real coffee connoisseur needs

  • Beautiful and practical coffee cans
  • Coffee Paper filter
  • Coffee bags
  • Glass and ceramic filters
  • Milk foamer
  • Coffee filter Station
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