Coffee Plants - Specific Climatic Conditions

Coffee plants in a field

Coffee plants require specific climatic conditions

The tropical coffee plants makes high demands on it´s environment. Specific geographic conditions, sunshine, temperature, wind, precipitation and soil composition, need to prevail to guarantee an excellent quality and good yields from the coffee plants.

These so-called highland coffees are Arabicas only and stand out by their fine acidity and excellent taste.

While the Coffea plant’s flowers last only a few days, it blooms several times a year. The frequency depends on the number of rain periods.

A special characteristic of the plant is that flowers and red cherries are found on the bush at the same time, i.e. it can be harvested during blooming.

Travelling from West to East along the equator, we find the established growing regions such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, India, Indonesia, Vietnam – just to mention a few.

To be able to create the best coffee blends, coffee buyers have to be familiar with the specific conditions of the growing areas. Only then will they be able to provide the good coffee quality you are expecting.


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