Coffee roaster - roast your own coffee at home

Coffee roaster - roast your own coffee at homeFor many people, enjoying a good cup of coffee is an integral part of their daily routine. Yet the idea of the perfect coffee differs from person to person. However, an important prerequisite for good coffee is always a high-quality bean with a good roast. Many Frahling lovers therefore want to influence the quality of the coffee themselves and roast their coffee themselves with their own coffee roaster. With our high-quality products, we make it possible for you to obtain perfectly roasted coffee beans in your own work and with only little effort.
Gene CBR-101 in red colorGene CBR-101 in red color

Gene Coffee Roaster CBR-101 in red and black

Gene CBR-101 coffee roaster for a self-roasted coffee.
545,00 €
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Stock: 4
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Roasting machine on offerRoasting machine on offer

Roasting machine incl. 16 bags of green coffees

Röstmeister - coffee roaster at a saver price, with 16 portion bags of g...
249,90 €
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Weight per unit: 8,1kg
Stock: 135
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Beem Roast-Perfect Coffee roasterBeem Roast-Perfect Coffee roaster

BEEM ROAST-PERFECT coffee roaster incl. 300g green coffee

Coffee roaster for a home-roasted gourmet coffee.
79,85 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 1,9kg
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Shippingtime::1-3 days
Coffee roasterCoffee roaster

Röstmeister incl. 4 bags green coffee

Röstmeister - Coffee Roaster plus 4 portion bags of green coffee.
239,90 €
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Weight per unit: 4kg
Stock: 358
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Coffee cooler Gene Cafe CBC-101Coffee cooler Gene Cafe CBC-101

Gene cafe CBC-101 Bean Cooler

Gene Cafe CBC-101 Bean Cooler for quick cooling of the beans.
139,90 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 2,38kg
Stock: 2
Shippingtime::1-3 days

With your own coffee roaster to perfect coffee enjoyment

Coffee beans only acquire their unmistakable aroma through roasting and develop their full flavour during the subsequent roasting process. That is why roasting the beans with your own coffee roaster is a very important step, which has a significant influence on the taste of the coffee. Over the centuries, the individual processes of coffee production have been optimised again and again. All steps are ultimately aimed at extracting the right aromatic substances from the coffee beans and thus achieving the best possible taste of the coffee. It is important to note that roasted coffee beans lose their aromatic substances over time. This means that the coffee also loses its aroma later on, which of course affects the taste of the coffee. Coffee beans should therefore ideally be roasted as soon as possible and consumed within two weeks. For this reason in particular, roasting coffee beans at home is becoming increasingly important.

If you want to roast your own coffee at home with a coffee roaster, you need so-called raw beans. These coffee beans can be kept for several years in their raw state and are easy to store. In the best case, however, the beans should be roasted within a year, otherwise they lose their aroma easily.

Roasting coffee beans yourself

With this basic knowledge, you can venture into roasting your own beans. Discover the perfect coffee bean for your taste in our extensive green coffee range. With these green beans, the actual roasting process can now begin, which only takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the method.

In order to achieve the best possible roasting result, a so-called home roaster should be used. Although this must be purchased first, it is then very worthwhile in terms of the quality of the roasting and is reflected accordingly in the aromas that can be achieved. Furthermore, such devices make the first steps easier, especially for inexperienced coffee roasters, as many processes are automated.

Home roasters - practical advantages

Coffee roasters are available in numerous different designs and price ranges. The product range extends from manual tabletop roasters to professional machine roasters. For newcomers to coffee roasting, it is advisable to start with a smaller device such as a tabletop roaster, which may already have presettings to make the first steps in bean roasting easier.

When choosing the right roaster, don't be put off by the volume of the bean container. If you only roast your coffee beans for your own use, it is better to roast smaller quantities and more often. This is because coffee beans lose their aroma over time and should therefore be consumed promptly. Under no circumstances should the beans be stored in the air, as this causes a process of oxidation that leads to the coffee losing its aroma. For this reason in particular, a coffee roaster is a greater asset because it means you can always use freshly roasted beans.

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