Gene Coffee Roaster CBR-101 in red and black

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Gene Coffee Roaster CBR-101 in red and black

The history of coffee enjoyment goes back many centuries. The once luxury good is nowadays even the most popular beverage among beverage - even ahead of beer and mineral water. On average, a German citizen consumes 166 litres of coffee a year. Preference is given to whole beans, with consumption in the home consumption in one's own four walls outweighs coffee consumption outside the home. This statistic alone explains the steadily increasing popularity of home roasting. The quality of the beans and the quality of the roasting play a particularly important role in the taste of the coffee. Home roasting to one's own taste and individual preferences is therefore preferences is therefore not infrequently a long-cherished wish of many Coffee lover.

High-quality coffee roaster with user-friendly operation

The Gene Coffee-Bean Roaster CBR-101 is a model that is particularly suitable for demanding home roasters. The roaster has a very user-friendly operation, with which the corresponding presettings can be made. In particular, the very precise setting options make the device convincing all along the line. This gives you a great deal of freedom.

The roasting temperature and duration can be precisely adjusted using two rotary knobs. With the help of the red knob, the temperature can be adjusted temperature can be set to the exact degree. Roasting at up to 250 degrees Celsius is possible with the Gene Roaster. The roasting time can be set precisely with the blue knob. Finding the right combination of duration and temperature is not always easy. However, there are sufficient guide values to achieve a very good result even without prior good result even without prior knowledge. A great advantage of the CBR-101 is that time and temperature can be adjusted even during the roasting process. However, the the required values also vary when using different beans.

A bean skin collection container makes it easier for you to remove the bean skins that have been loosened during the roasting process and saves you the tedious task of separating beans and skin. It is sufficient to empty the container every three to five roasting processes. The roasting cylinder made of glass is very stable and allows you to keep a close eye on the beans during the entire roasting process, to keep a close eye on the beans during the entire roasting process. It rotates during the roasting process to ensure that the beans are roasted evenly.

Gene CBR-101 black

Advantages of the CBR-101 at a glance:

  1. Setting the roasting time to within 6 seconds
  2. Temperature setting accurate to the degree
  3. Even roasting due to strong air supply and rotating roasting container
  4. Beans visible during the roasting process
  5. Cooling function
  6. Coffee skin collection container available
  7. widespread model with high resonance

Enjoy the advantages of coffee from your own roasting

Roasting your own beans is like a philosophy and takes a long time to perfect. Especially since specially roasted beans can be adapted to personal preferences, it is a worthwhile personal preferences, it is a worthwhile extra effort. There are almost inexhaustible sources on the ancient traditions of coffee bean roasting. Not only different roasting degrees play a role here. The speed of roasting and the number of roasting processes of the individual beans can have a considerable effect on the development of the aromas and thus on the taste of the later cup. and thus the taste of the cup later on. With the Coffee Bean Roaster, all these roasting variations can be implemented without any problems. In particular, the precisely adjustable values for time and temperature and the individual adjustment of these values during roasting enable you to bring the beans exactly to the desired degree of roasting.

Coffee-Bean Roaster CBR-101 - technical details:

  • Width: 49 cm, Height: 24.3 cm, Depth: 22.9 cm
  • Heating by indirect hot air (0 to 30 minutes)
  • Temperature control from 0 to 250 degrees Celsius
  • Roasting capacity: 250g
  • 220-240 Volt - 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 1300W
  • Operating noise level: 65 dB
  • Weight: 5,5 kg
  • Colour: red or black

Gen Coffee Bean Roaster CBR-101 - Conclusion

The CBR-101 from Gene Café is a model for advanced home roasters. It allows the user a lot of freedom, but also requires knowledge of how to roasting degrees. In the home roaster segment, the Gene coffee roaster is in the medium to upper price range. In return you get a product that achieves reliable results over the long term. In addition, the model is widely available, making it very easy to obtain tips and help on the net.

Video Gene CBR-101 | Roast your own green coffee at home
High quality coffee roaster from Gene.
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