Milk frother manually or electrically operated

Milk frother manually or electrically operated

Do you like your coffee topped with a creamy froth? With a milk frother, you can whip up wonderfully creamy foam to top off your coffee. At Dieckmann you will find various models of the latest milk frothers that whip a foam quickly and easily. Choose from manual models, like the Bialetti Tuttocrema, or models that work electrically by induction.

Induction milk frothers produce foam that is every bit as creamy as conventional manual milk frothers. As well as being easy to use, our frothers are easy to clean, which means that you don't have to wait long for your next frothy coffee. In our coffee shop you can buy high-quality milk frothers from well-known brands at bargain prices online!

Electric induction milk frotherElectric induction milk frother

Induction Electric Milk Frother

Electric milk frother for perfectly fluffy milk foam from cold milk.
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Bialetti Tuttocrema milk frother

Froth milk quickly and easily with the easy to use Bialetti Tuttocrema m...
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Milk frother for creamy coffee pleasure

For many coffee lovers, the enjoyment is only perfect when a light, creamy layer of frothy milk tops the dark drink - in the truest sense of the word. In our extensive range of coffee, coffee machines and coffee accessories, you will find several milk frothers which enable you to whip milk into frothy foam. As well as manual milk frothers, we also have models that work by induction. Take a look at the models at Dieckmann from Bremen that can be operated manually or electrically. Modern designs also score when it comes to easy cleaning.

Induction milk frother with multiple functions

Do you like to froth milk with as little effort as possible? If so, an electric milk frother is a good choice. The heat is transferred by induction, which makes it particularly easy to clean in the dishwasher. Sophisticated models like those from our online shop are equipped with several whisks that whip the milk foam to your chosen volume. You can also whip up light, airy foam with our electric milk frother for heating, stirring and frothing, not just for a simple cup of coffee. Delicious milk foam is also close at hand for cappuccino, espresso or latte macchiato.

Whip your milk foam manually and enjoy your coffee

Manual milk frothers require a bit of elbow grease. These models use a sieve instead of a whisk , which introduces air into the milk and creates the wonderful foam. With quality "Made in Italy", a model, such as our popular Bialetti Tuttocrema, is suitable for all types of hobs except induction. The milk foam created with these manual milk frothers is in no way inferior to the froth whipped up by electrical appliances and noticeably refines aromatic coffees. Once the fine-pored result is in the cup and it is emptied, it is time for easy cleaning.

Buy milk frothers online at Dieckmann

The first-class milk frothers from the Dieckmann online shop prove that milk straight from the bottle is not the only way for you to enjoy your coffee or hot chocolate. Our branded products are distinguished by a range of features, including:

  • Contemporary, elegant designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Preparation also possible with cold milk
  • Perfect results
  • Easy cleaning, some are dishwasher-safe

Get the best out of your coffee and top it off with wonderfully creamy milk foam!

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