The Right Coffee Bean


The right coffee bean is essential

True coffee aficionados are curious to learn a bit more about their favourite beverage and about the coffee bean.

Because one coffee bean is not like any other. And this is already where the story begins: because the coffee bean is nothing but the seed of a fruit.

Usually, a coffee cherry has two coffee beans and consists of the cherry skin, the mucilage, the parchment, the silver skin, the coffee beans and the stem. Hence, the main quality difference comes from the plant carrying the fruit.

There are approximately 80 different varieties of the Coffea plant, as the specialists call it, with the commercially most important varieties being Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, also known as Coffea robusta.

The Coffea arabica bean makes a noble and classy coffee, but is very susceptible to pests and quite demanding in terms of soil and climate.

The Robusta species has a significantly higher crop yield, it is more resistant against diseases, pests and heat, but also more susceptible to cold temperatures. The caffeine content of the Robusta varietal is much higher than that of the Arabica. But, unfortunately, it’s taste is less complex and rather of a harsh spiciness, with robust, partially strong earthy undertones.

You will not find beans of any Robusta, unwashed Arabica or lower-grade coffee varietals in our range of gourmet coffees. The only exception is our Espresso where only the addition of a small dash of Robusta beans brings just the right Crema (foam head).


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