Coffee Cultivation

coffee plantation
coffee plantation

Only the best from the best growing regions.

If you want to offer good coffee with the finest quality, you need to decide on the varieties and growing regions.

The Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee experts have longstanding know-how and expertise in selecting the best varieties from the vast range of coffees offered - for connoisseurs and gourmets like you.

To be able to offer you exclusive, best-quality coffees, we have decided on Brazil, Guatemala and Kenya as the world’s best coffee-producing countries.

It is from these provenances that we are sourcing the finest varieties for your enjoyment. Especially in home roasting, you need to be able to extract the finest taste nuances from a coffee to be able to enjoy the promised perfect coffee taste.

coffee plantation 2

We currently offer six exclusive green coffees from to choose you personal flavours – coffee specialities for every occasion.


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