Coffee roasting with Röstmeister

Roast your own coffee – get a week’s supply in only 12-15 minutes.


So einfach geht das Kaffee rösten:

  • Fill the roasting drum with a portion bag of green coffee
  • Select your roasting programme on your Röstmeister coffee roaster
  • Start the Röstmeister
  • The programme sequence is automatic

Röstmeister is a state-of-the art home coffee roaster for domestic use for roasting your own coffee.


Celebrate roasting exclusive green coffee blends! Enjoy the scent that unfolds during the roasting process!

Discover a new coffee quality - highly aromatic and of unparalleled freshness!

The patented open-drum roasting process guarantees an unmatched fragrance and aroma experience which is repeatable with every use.


Röstmeister is suitable for all green coffees in which the silver skin has been removed.

Using the 7 roasting programmes, including 2 for espresso roasting, is incredibly easy, even for the technically inexperienced, and always provides the same unparalleled and original pleasure of truly freshly roasted coffee.

Röstmeister caters to all individual roasting styles preferred by coffee drinkers, from mild filter coffee to Espresso.

Due to the hot air roasting process, the roaster is safe and maintenance-free. The removable stainless steel sieve drum is easy to clean after roasting. Dishwasher-proof.

The perfect result will delight all coffee aficionados alike. Always have fresh coffee, entirely to your liking, gently roasted according to old tradition.

Roast your own coffee – it’s got magic
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