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Our coffee tips

Coffee aficionados keep asking us questions and we are always happy to provide an answer. Here are a few helpful tips for the unlimited enjoyment of your fresh coffee:

  • Coffee pots made from china, ceramics or glass guarantee the pure coffee taste.

  • A thermos with a glass insert is best suited for keeping your coffee hot.

  • Coffee becomes bitter after standing on the warming plate of a coffee machine for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Roasted coffee should be sealed air-tight and stored in the fridge.

  • The best grinding results are obtained from the good old coffee mills or from electric grinders with a cone or disk grinding mechanism.

  • Coffee should be ground according to the way of preparation, from a course to a fine grind.

  • It is important to use the right quantity of ground coffee. This is usually a level coffee spoonful – i.e. 6-8 g – for a regular cup. Twice this quantity is used for Mocha and the same goes for Espresso, just with much less water.

  • The appliances used must be clean. Clean coffee pots and filters do not have any deposits which could render the coffee bitter. Coffee machines must be decalcified regularly.

  • Pre-warmed pots and cups preserve the coffee aromas.

  • Ideal coffee water is always fresh and has not boiled more than necessary. If your tap water is too hard, using a still water might be the better alternative.


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