Roast your own coffee - Operation

Roasting your own coffee – pure delight!

Roasting your own coffee is so easy: Empty the content of the portion bags into the roaster, select your roasting programme and have the green coffee beans roast in a flow of hot air.

The portion bags have a content of 300 g, a very suitable quantity for home use. And you don’t have to get up extra early every morning to roast your daily quantity. It is even better if you let the coffee rest for a few hours. This often brings out a more intense and aromatic coffee taste.


So, just roast the quantity you need for the next couple of days whenever you’ve got the time - in the evening, on the weekend, just by yourself or together with friends – and store the roasted beans in your fridge. Any packaging that prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the coffee is suitable for storage.

While the individual whole bean protects the coffee aromas to a certain degree, oxygen is their number one enemy because the aromatic substances in the roasted coffee evaporate under the influence of oxygen and, after a while, the coffee will be going stale.


Double delight at the push of a button

This is how you do it:
  • Select your roasting programme from the 7 programmes, of which two are for espresso roasting.
  • Roast your green coffee according to taste
  • Store the roasted coffee beans in your fridge (up to three weeks for fresh aromas)
  • Take the roasted beans as required and grind them in a proper coffee grinder.
  • Indulge in the freshest and most aromatic coffee you can possibly have.

Röstmeister is designed for easy operation and cleaning. Enjoyment doesn’t have to go along with unnecessary work!

The unparalleled freshness of your coffee, the rediscovered coffee fragrance and the new approach to a traditional beverage will surprise and spoil family and friends alike.

We guarantee: Roasting your own coffee is never-ending fun. Enjoy your coffee in cheerful company!



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