Coffee filters & accessories

Coffee filters & accessories

Real connoisseurs know: Only manual brewing guarantees real coffee pleasure. At Dieckmann we have everything you need for manual brewing. The coffee filter, which is the popular name given to various products such as filter holders or filter paper, also determines the taste.

It includes coffee filter holders, which hold the filter bag in place while brewing coffee and which you can buy from us at competitive prices, for example, in the form of porcelain coffee filters or ceramic coffee filters.

In our range you will also find practical filter accessories such as a coffee filter station or a glass jug for serving coffee and keeping it warm. Of course, when it comes to brand quality, you can't beat the traditional Japanese company Hario!

Hario porcelain coffee filter white
Coffee Dripper V60 02 Ceramic, white
A classic-style ceramic hand dripper for perfect coffee enjoyment.
19,80 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,46kg
Stock: 90
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Hario Coffee Dripper Ceramic red
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02 Ceramic, red
Red ceramic coffee dripper V60-02 from Hario.
24,90 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,475kg
Stock: 97
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Hario Glass Coffee Dripper V60 02
The classical filter model from Hario is now also available as a glass f...
22,50 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,33kg
Stock: 89
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Hario Paper Filter
Hario Paper Filter White for 02 Dripper
The paper filters fit perfectly with the conical-shaped outflow of the H...
6,30 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,123kg
Stock: 15
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Hario V60 Range Server
Hario V60 Range Server 600ml Clear
Perfectly designed coffee jug from Japanese manufacturer Hario.
25,80 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,36kg
Stock: 96
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Hario Single Stand Acryl
Hario V60 Single Stand Acryl
Coffee Drip Station "V60 Single Stand Acryl" by Japanese manufacturer Ha...
58,80 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 0,597kg
Stock: 99
Shippingtime::1-3 days

Coffee filters and accessories for perfect coffee pleasure

These days, the term "coffee filter" refers to a wide variety of components that real connoisseurs can use to get the best out of ground coffee. If you prefer to brew your coffee manually, take a look at our high-quality coffee filter holders, fine-pored filter paper and useful accessories in our extensive range. Be sure to look closely at the porcelain and ceramic coffee filters in which you can insert the appropriate coffee filter bags. At Dieckmann, we never compromise on quality, which is why we rely on the long-term experience of the Japanese company Hario.

With ceramic and porcelain coffee filters for manually-brewed pleasure

With their funnel shape, the curved grooves on the inside and the large opening for the coffee to drip through, Hario coffee filter holders provide the ideal conditions for first-class hand-brewed coffee. All flavours and subtle aromas find their way into the cup, whilst bitter tastes are kept out. They are available in several colours and made from a variety of materials. In addition to ceramic coffee filters and porcelain coffee filters, we also offer a glass filter, which gives you a glimpse inside. These filter holders weighing less than 500 grams are suitable for Hario paper filters.

Paper filters for manual filters as practical disposable filters

The best filter holder can only play to its strenths if it is also equipped with the appropriate paper filter. Good filter paper in combination with glass, porcelain and ceramic coffee filter holders should be:

  • particularly fine-pored
  • seasoned & neutral in flavour
  • a perfect fit

The Hario filter paper for several cups fulfils all these criteria, ensuring even extraction and optimal coffee pleasure through manual brewing.

Buy high quality filter accessories from Dieckmann

Practical accessories make manual brewing easier and present the brewed coffee in style. For stylish presentation, take a look at the glass jug from Hario, in which you can serve your drink elegantly and keep it warm for a while thanks to the thick glass. In the coffee filter station you will find an elegant kitchen companionto assist you with manual brewing. By the way: With all products from this Japanese brand, you can brew your coffee from your coffee bar and serve your guests professionally and stylishly by your own fair hands!

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