Hario Glass Coffee Dripper V60 02

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Hario V60 Glass Dripper with black stand & handle

The Japanese company Hario now also offers their classic porcelain filter model as a glass filter.

The bold, award-winning design of the V60 and Buono product line elicits the full aromas of every coffee through the novel design of this glass filter.

Optimum flow-through times for full aromas.

The filter features a higher slope and tapered indentations on the inside thereby optimising the flow speed of the water through the ground coffee. This provides an even more gentle extraction of the aromatic substances from the ground coffee without making it taste bitter or too thin. The large opening at the bottom allows for a perfect flow of the coffee into the jug.

Product information: Hario Glass Coffee Filter VDG-02B

  • For 1 – 4 cups.
  • For hand-brewing your coffee.
  • Excellent coffee with subtle nuances in the cup.
  • The curved glass-rib design supports the maceration of the ground coffee and its flow.
  • The large opening at the bottom influences the flow direction and speed of the water.
  • For use with "Hario Paper Filter"


Video: Hario Glass Dripper

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