Green Crema Coffee - creamy and mild

Green Crema Coffee
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Green Crema Coffee - mild and aromatic

For all coffee aficionados who like their coffee creamy and mild. The yellowish green coffee beans of the Crema blend are of a very high and fine quality.

The blend has mainly Central and South American coffee beans, complemented by a small portion from African plantations that contributes to the mild taste of this coffee which is blended in Bremen.

“Crema“ coffee focuses on the creamy components which is also intended to enhance the pleasure in the eye of the coffee drinker.

Green Crema Coffee- character:

This blend of American beans is characterised by it’s mild taste and creamy coffee experience.

We recommend:

The unroasted beans of the Crema blend can be stored for up to two years. Please also use the price advantages offered by larger ordering volumes.

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