Green Brasilia Coffee - smooth and mild

Green coffee Brasil
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Green Brasilia Coffee - smooth and mild

With approximately one third of the worldwide raw coffee production coming from this South American country, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. The country is home to approximately one fourth of the 15 billion coffee trees worldwide.

The Brazilian coffee culture started at the beginning of the 18th century. The ripe coffee cherries are harvested twice a year between May and November and the green coffee beans are shipped throughout the year.

Five million people work in the coffee industry on the more than 200,000 "fazendas“. Dieckmann in Bremen receives the finest raw coffees from the best growing regions of Brazil. Harmonious and mild on the palate, with medium complexity and low acidity, this coffee is very stomach-friendly and particularly sought after by lovers of mild coffees.

Of course, this gourmet coffee has Arabica beans only.

Character of Brasilia green coffees:

A balanced, mild premium coffee with low acidity.

We recommend:

With proper packaging, green coffee beans from Brazil can easily be stored for up to two years. Please also use the price advantages offered by larger ordering volumes.

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