Only proper roasting

develops the perfect aromas. When people discovered that coffee beans require roasting to develop their characteristic taste aromas and stimulating effect, they became quite inventive in producing the brown, aromatic coffee beans.

Initially, coffee was roasted over open fire. In many coffee-producing countries, coffee for home-use is roasted in skillets, even today. The coffee industry has taken the roasting process to new levels – not always for the better of the coffee quality.

We want to go back to the roots, back to more quality and aroma. But, what happens when coffee is roasted?

The high temperatures produce various physical and chemical changes which, among others, are also responsible for the wonderful characteristic coffee aromas.

During roasting, the green beans expand and change their texture.

When coffee is roasted, its green colour gradually changes from yellow to brown.


During roasting, the green coffee beans are generally heated between one and a half to fifteen minutes at different temperatures – from 180 to approx. 300 °C.

While the coffee oil released during roasting is an essential oil and responsible for the characteristic, enticing scent of coffee, there are more than 800 different aromatic components which, together, influence the taste of coffee.

Home roasting – nothing tastes better.

The shade of the beans depends of the roasting temperature:

The hotter the roasting temperature, the darker the shade of brown. And: The more intense the colour, the stronger the taste. But also the acidity/taste ratio is determined by the degree of roasting.

For industrial coffee production, a large number of coffee beans must be roasted in a short period of time. Therefore, the industry constantly comes up with new procedures for extracting even more from the small beans within an even shorter time. And, quite obviously, quality and aromas may easily fall by the wayside.


This may give you an idea of the fine art of roasting, one of the most important factors for perfect coffee enjoyment.

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