Hario V60 Single Stand Acryl

Hario Single Stand Acryl
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Hario Coffee Filter Station – your companion for enjoying coffee in style

The coffee filter station from Hario provides the perfect addition for brewing coffee. This stylish and functional station is another highlight for your kitchen or coffee bar.

Due to the coffee filter station’s dimension and stability, a variety of products such as the Hario glass jug, Hario coffee filters, AeroPress or the Melitta filter can be accommodated. The colander also ensures the easy collection of any residual coffee.

Product information: Hario Coffee Filter Station Acryl VSS-1T

  • For efficient, professional coffee brewing
  • Easy to handle as the jug with the coffee can just be removed after brewing
  • Includes a collection bowl for collecting even the last drop of coffee
  • Beautiful design for serving coffee in style
  • Ideal for Hario glass jug und coffee filter V60


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Perfectly designed coffee jug from Japanese manufacturer Hario.
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