Röstmeister - Coffee Roaster for home roasting

Röstmeister – this is the name of a home coffee roaster which allows everybody to roast coffee beans according to personal preference.

Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roaster-Röstmeister
Röstmeister - Coffee Roaster plus 4 portion bags of green coffee.
239,90 EUR
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 4kg
Shippingtime::1-3 days
Roasting machine on offer
Roasting machine incl. 16 bags of green coffees
Röstmeister - coffee roaster at a saver price, with 16 portion bags of g...
RRP 281,44 EUR
only 249,90 EUR
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Weight per unit: 8,1kg
Shippingtime::1-3 days

Roast coffee yourself with the "Röstmeister"

Our Coffee roaster is perfect for domestic use: the simple handling and the aromatic roasting result will delight every coffee lover. Those who love roast fresh coffee will not want to do without the roasting master after the first roasting and will also want to become roasters themselves.

Espresso or mild filter coffee? With our coffee roaster you have seven roasting programmes to choose from, including two for espresso. The freshness and aroma will convince any selfroaster and the delicious coffee smell is a very special experience.

The Röstmeister is suitable for the roasting of all Raw Coffes in which the silver skin has been removed - as with our high-quality Dieckmann Aroma Coffee.

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