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Roasted African coffee - delightfully strong and aromatic

Roasted Africa coffee from Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee is a first-class blend of top-quality African coffees. The blend roasted for you comes from a continent whose quality coffees have a reputation for being some of the best in the world. Many thousands of small farmers harvest their individual topquality beans almost all year round and carefully prepare them by hand. Much of the harvest is exported, mostly to European countries.

Elaborately prepared for connoisseurs

Our roasted African coffee consists of very special beans that have already travelled a long way - on two different levels. On the one hand, the raw coffee beans travel a long way when they are shipped to us in Bremen from different African ports - on the other hand, a lot happens to the hand-picked beans, known as "coffee cherries" before you can enjoy this extraordinary aroma with a sip from your coffee cup . Even in Africa, most beans are washed and dried after being processed wet. At Dieckmann, we gently process the raw beans after they arrive using our patented process. Both the bitter substances and the silver skins are removed, bean by bean - for that special coffee pleasure!

Roasted coffee from Africa - vibrant top-quality coffee with a distinctive aroma

We use the highest quality beans for our exquisite African coffee. They thrive optimally in subtropical mild and stable climates. The coffee trees appreciate this as much as the red clay soil, which is comparatively rich in iron. It is this interplay of all components that make up the extraordinary, unmistakable taste of Africa coffee from Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee. You will immediately taste and appreciate the vibrant, full bodied flavour of this robust, aromatic gourmet coffee. It has fruity notes and a natural sweetness, which wonderfully balance its acidity and ensure the overall sweet-toned character. A popular premium coffee with a distinctive aroma!

Africa coffee - order roasted as whole beans or already ground

Perfect coffee pleasure first requires the professional roasting of our African coffee. This processing step is necessary because this is the only way to release the aromas in the beans and develop the strong, aromatic character. If you wish, not only will we do the roasting for you, you can also take advantage of our grinding service, free of charge, in which we grind the roasted beans to your taste. Whether hand filter, coffee machine or French Press / Bodum, we provide your African coffee to suit any type of preparation. Of course, you can also buy the whole coffee beans from us. You can easily and grind these yourself as you need them in one of our Dieckmann coffee grinders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flavour notes of Africa coffee:

  • Fine acidity
  • Aromatic and robust
  • Fruity notes
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