Bialetti Venus espresso maker

Bialetti-Venus Espresso maker
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Bialetti Venus – an easy to brew aromatic espresso

Those who would like to enjoy great tasting coffee for little money will discover the Bialetti Venus for themselves. The espresso maker is made by the Bialetti Co. and is also produced where the company is headquartered – made in Italy, as a matter of fact. As with all Bialetti products, the Venus model also combines modern design with first-class technology. This is how lovers of aromatic espresso brew their specialty in the best possible way.

A fast and delicious espresso with the Bialetti Venus

The Bialetti Venus allows its users to prepare a delicious espresso in a very short time. The Italians have launched an espresso maker for two cup sizes into the market to fill 4 and 6 cups. Naturally, the Bialetti Venus is made of high quality stainless steel 18/10. A big advantage is without a doubt the fact that this espresso maker can be used in all kinds of stoves. This includes induction, which makes the Bialetti Venus stand out from other models.

The Bialetti Venus espresso maker and its advantages at a glance

With the Bialetti Venus espresso maker, families and residential communities get their money's worth. The 4 or 6 portions allow serving everybody with aromatic espresso in one single stroke. Additional features of the espresso maker are

  • the possibility of cleaning it in the dishwasher
  • the heat-resistant handle for all-time use
  • the stainless steel 18/10, and also
  • the drip-preventing spout.

Attractive design meets tried and tested technology is the best way to describe the Bialetti Venus espresso maker.

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