Crema Coffee - creamy and mild

Roasted Crema Coffee
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Crema Coffee – creamy and mild

Particularly high-quality premium coffee varietals, mostly from American growing regions, are used for this special Crema blend with a small addition of coffees from African plantations. The beans are gently roasted in the hanseatic city.

The mild and creamy taste of this coffee comes from the balance of the blend. The creamy appearance of this coffee is intended to enhance the pleasure in the eye of the coffee drinker.

Crema Coffee - character & taste:

The individual green coffees of our Crema coffee blend are slow-roasted very gently for an extended period of time. This enhances the expression and unique character of the coffee beans and helps develop the desired mild aromas of our Crema coffee. Perfect quality for perfect creaminess.

We recommend:

Please use our free coffee grinding service for this coffee and note the price advantage offered by choosing larger packaging units.

This Crema coffee is the perfect partner for all fully automatic coffee machines and can be used without any worries for any fully automatic coffee maker.