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Roasted Espresso Coffee

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Espresso Coffee – strong and creamy

It’s a matter of taste: As coffee experts, we have created a blend of different low-acidity coffees for a mild and yet expressive Espresso.

To give this Espresso speciality a dark and creamy appearance in the small cup and deliver what is expected by the aficionados of a particularly strong and concentrated coffee, low-acidity Arabica beans are complemented by a small portion of Robusta coffee beans.

The blend for this Espresso is always the same, so you can always expect the same Espresso experience. The low-acidity green coffees for this Espresso are sourced from various South and Central American plantations.

Espresso coffee - character & taste:

This is an Espresso coffee for all Espresso aficionados who prefer a vigorously spicy but mild taste experience. It’s spicy and yet mild character makes this Espresso an ideal basis for coffee specialities such as Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato.

We recommend:

Please use our free Espresso grinding service for this Espresso coffee and note the price advantage offered by choosing larger packaging units. This coffee is ideal for fully-automatic machines and any basket Espresso maker.


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