Africa green coffee - strong and spicy

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Africa green coffee from Dieckmann

Our Africa green coffee is proof that top-quality coffees from Africa rightly feature among coffees that are traditionally the best in the world. With this high-quality green coffee blend of African premium coffees, we have succeeded in reflecting the typically intense, strong, aromatic taste of African coffee.

Green coffee from Africa - strong and fruitywith a distinctive aroma

Our African green coffee beans come from the best growing areas in Africa. Africa coffee has sweet tones whilst being rich in fine acidity. The red clay soil in the growing areas, with its abundance of iron deposits, plays a major role in this. The fruity notes as well as a light natural sweetness are characteristic features of the coffee and ensure its typically African taste. The preparation and roasting of the gourmet beans used by Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee guarantee delicious coffee pleasure for the discerning coffee drinker.

Enjoy a cup of this gourmet coffee and taste its full-bodied and vibrant flavour.

Strong, fruity green coffee - carefully prepared, cleaned and ready to be roasted for you

The farmers in the country prepare most of the African green coffee using a wet process. The beans are washed, dried and then shipped to us in Bremen. In theory, the coffee beans could be roasted at this point, but we at Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee love coffee, which is why we take the processing to a higher level. With our patented process, we continue the original cleaning process and remove several components of the green raw beans that would be a hindrance to the optimal development of the aroma. These include the well-known bitter substances, as well as the silver membranes that protect the beans. By removing these components, we ensure that each of the hand-picked coffee beans can fully develop their aromas during the roasting process.

Roast unroasted green beans yourself

Like all other types of coffee, our Africa green coffee needs to be roasted before it is consumed. Only through the roasting process can the aromas develop, which then create the unrivalled taste. You can purchase our African green coffee beans that have been optimally prepared, but not roasted. Our Dieckmann roasting master makes roasting at home easy, so you can always enjoy particularly fresh coffee from Africa and / or offer it to your guests. As a welcome and not insignificant side benefit, the roast coffee tax stipulated by law is no longer applicable for you as a “self-roaster”. This is currently 2.19 euros per kilogramme, which means you can make considerable savings when purchasing larger quantities thanks to our bulk prices for green coffee. Make the most of these benefits and enjoy top-quality African coffee to roast yourself from Diekmann Aroma Coffee!

Our Africa green coffee and its flavour notes:

  • Fine acidity
  • Herbal and aromatic notes
  • Strong, spicy
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