Guter Abend Coffee - low-caffeine blend

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“Guter Abend“ – low-caffeine blend

This very special coffee can still be enjoyed in the evening due to its lower caffeine content.

Despite its lower caffeine content, this coffee is different from decaffeinated coffee, it does not stimulate and ends the day in a pleasant atmosphere.

Coffee lovers who don’t want decaffeinated coffee and don’t really care for tea, now have a really good alternative.

“Guter Abend“ – Character and taste:

As all other coffees from Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee, this coffee has been carefully refined. What is new, is the fact that another step has been added to reduce the caffeine content in this coffee.

Our “Guter Abend“ Coffee is still very aromatic and provides full aroma and character.

Sleep tight!

We recommend:

Why don’t you just taste our new Guter Abend Coffee? Whether as coffee beans or as ground filter coffee: the low caffeine content of this coffee should now let you sleep like a baby. Of course, this coffee can also be enjoyed during the day.

Please use our free coffee grinding service for this coffee and note the price advantage offered by choosing larger packaging units.