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Aero Press coffee maker

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With the Aero Press A80, the espresso becomes pure pleasure

Those who would like not just to brew and drink an espresso, but also to celebrate it, rely on the Aero Press A80 made by Aerobie. With it, it is possible to brew up to 3 cups of delicious espresso quickly with a pure, intense taste. The magic of the coffee press lies in the speed, because it takes no more than 60 seconds from adding the hot water to the moment you take the first sip. There is an additional advantage: The espresso has no bitter taste because its acidity has been significantly reduced!

The Aero Press and delicious coffee – a perfect match

If you once drank an espresso that was conjured with the help of an Aero Press, you have learned to appreciate the advantages and will want to relive this unforgettable experience in the future as well. This is possible by brewing it under ideal conditions, which are, for example, the right temperature and the speedy filtering. This coffee maker will give you and your palate a wide variety of wonderful aromas. The usage options are just as varied. Use the Aero Press at home in your kitchen, in the office, on trips or simply when camping. After all, this coffee maker is lightweight, sturdy and compact.

The advantages of the Aero Press at a glance

Full aroma, perfect taste – this is how espresso lovers spoil themselves with an espresso from Aero Press itself. Experience the unique coffee pleasure too through highlights such as

  • the effective micro filter that leaves no powder in the cup
  • manufactured in the USA
  • American style coffee brewing
  • easy and super fast cleaning, and
  • the option to use the brewed espresso for a latte or other espresso-based beverages.

An attractive appearance in form of a modern design makes this the perfect coffee maker!

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