Guter Abend Green Coffee - low-caffeine blend

Green coffee Guter Abend
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”Guter Abend“ Green Coffee - low-caffeine blend

This green coffee has been specifically created for the afternoon and early evening hours. Due to its low caffeine content, it can still be enjoyed without regrets later in the day.

This coffee is very different to a decaffeinated coffee, it doesn’t stimulate as much and ends the day in a pleasant atmosphere.

A real alternative for all those who don’t enjoy decaffeinated coffee.

“Guter Abend“ – Character and taste:

As all other coffees from Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee, this coffee has been carefully refined. What is new is the fact that another step has been added to reduce the caffeine content in this coffee.

We recommend:

Why don’t you just taste our new creation? You will be pleasantly surprised that a low-caffeine coffee can taste like this.

Maybe you’ll then start drinking this coffee in the morning and throughout the day – this is a great coffee for any time of the day.

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