Hario Mini Mill Slim MSS-1B

Hario Mini mill slim

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Hario Mini Coffee Grinder MSS-1B

Freshly ground coffee tastes the best, this is true for large and small coffee makers. The hand mill “Mini Mill Slim“ from Hario is ideal for a quick coffee at home or on the road.

To grind your coffee, just put the Mini Mill handle on the shaft and there you go. The coffee is directly ground into the enclosed plastic container for maximum preservation of aromas.

Just smell the aromas when opening the container: The wonderful coffee aroma will not just entice your nose but also your taste buds when enjoying the coffee. Unmatched coffee aromas that bring back memories of your grandmother’s coffee.

By the way: The small and compact coffee mill is a great supplement to Aerobie Aeropress – ideal for the road.

Product information: Hario Coffee Grinder - Mini Mill Slim MSS-1B

  • Coffee mill with adjustable ceramic grinding gear
  • Detachable handle
  • 30 g container for ground coffee
  • Perfect for travelling – quick and easy
  • Timeless design


Video: Hario mini Mill
Hario coffee grinder Mini Mill with adjustable ceramic grinder.
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