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In our online coffee shop, you will discover everything about the black bean. From practical coffee roasters to unroasted raw green coffee, hand-roasted coffee and useful accessories, you will find everything to delight lovers of coffee. With one of our high-quality roasting machines – the roasting master – it is easy to roast fresh coffee yourself and lay the foundation for exceptional coffee enjoyment.

Whether decaffeinated, creamy and mild or strong and robust: Our Dieckmann Aroma Coffee comes in various types and at a fair price. Take a look in our Dieckmann online shop and explore the exciting world of coffee!

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Roasting machine on offerRoasting machine on offer
Roasting machine incl. 16 bags of green coffees
Röstmeister - coffee roaster at a saver price, with 16 portion bags of g...
249,90 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Electric induction milk frotherElectric induction milk frother
Induction Electric Milk Frother
Electric milk frother for perfectly fluffy milk foam from cold milk.
67,90 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Gene CBR-101 in red colorGene CBR-101 in red color
Gene Coffee Roaster CBR-101 in red and black
Gene CBR-101 coffee roaster for a self-roasted coffee.
545,00 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Beem electric millBeem electric mill
BEEM GRIND-PERFECT Electric Coffee Grinder
The Beem GRIND-PERFECT Electric Coffee Grinder offers freshly ground aro...
78,85 €
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Brasil Rohkaffee - mildBrasil Rohkaffee - mild
Green Brasilia Coffee - smooth and mild
Green South American coffee from select regions of Brazil.
3,99 €
13,30 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Green Guatemala CoffeeGreen Guatemala Coffee
Green Guatemala Coffee - full-bodied
The humid tropical climate around the partially still active volcanoes c...
4,14 €
13,80 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Africa Green CoffeeAfrica Green Coffee
Africa green coffee - strong and spicy
The processed coffee beans in our Africa blend are among the best in Afr...
4,06 €
13,53 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Ethiopia Green coffeeEthiopia Green coffee
Green Coffee from Ethiopia - highly aromatic
Varietal green Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, ra...
4,45 €
14,83 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Roasted Brasilia CoffeeRoasted Brasilia Coffee
Brasilia Coffee - smooth and mild
Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, supplies us with select Ara...
ab  5,99 €
23,96 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Roasted Ethiopia CoffeeRoasted Ethiopia Coffee
Ethiopia Coffee - full-flavoured and highly aromatic
Roasted Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia stands out by it's fruity, full-flav...
ab  6,30 €
25,20 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Roasted Espresso CoffeeRoasted Espresso Coffee
Espresso Coffee - Gusto Italiano
This Espresso from Bremen is blended Italian-style - low in acidity, yet...
ab  6,30 €
25,20 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs
Roasted Crema CoffeeRoasted Crema Coffee
Crema Coffee - creamy and mild
Those who prefer a creamy and mildly roasted coffee will love this Crema...
ab  6,30 €
25,20 € per kg
incl. tax excl. Shipping costs



Such is the coffee connoisseur: With our roasting master, you can easily roast your own coffee. Our professional roaster for use at home guarantees particularly fresh coffee pleasure and is positively simple to use. You can roast coffee individually and quickly with the roaster thanks to several programs. Experience the incomparable aroma again and again when you roast your own beans. For anyone who enjoys home-roasting and loves freshly roasted coffee!

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Would you prefer to roast your coffee yourself instead of buying it ready-roasted? Then you need green coffee beans that have already been thoroughly cleaned and optimally prepared for the roasting process. The removal of the silver skin in particular plays an important role. With the roasting master and our high-quality green coffee, you can enjoy the pleasure of freshly roasted coffee in your own home. From mild to strong and robust: We have the right green coffee beans for every taste.

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roasted coffee


Do you appreciate the best in coffee, but don't want to roast the beans yourself with a roasting machine? With our hand-roasted premium roasted coffee, you can enjoy our coffee creations with no effort at all. Nothing changes in the quality of our ready-roasted Dieckmann Aroma Coffee compared to the green raw coffee beans. Instead, you can trust the professional, slow and gentle roasting of the drum, which forms the basis for the incomparable aromas. Roasted by hand!

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Roasted coffee and coffee roasters in the Dieckmann Aroma Coffee Bremen online shop

Coffee is still the favourite drink of the Germans. The Arabica beans from Dieckmann Aroma Kaffee come from the best growing areas in the world and are gently slow-roasted here in Bremen. For coffee lovers, whose real coffee enjoyment lies in roasting themselves, we have a selection of smooth to robust, aromatic raw coffees. These green coffee beans are carefully washed and packaged for home roasting with our roaster. Whether you enjoy filter coffee from coffee machines or prefer freshly roasted coffee from fully automatic coffee machines or espresso machines, you will always find the right bean for your taste in our coffee shop.
If you use a fully automatic coffee machine or an espresso machine to enjoy your coffee, we recommend choosing the more robust roasted coffee beans from Dieckmann, which produce a full-flavouredcup quality with a good crema. However, if you prefer the usual filter brewing method or infusing your roasted coffee in a cafetière, you can also try and enjoy our more subtle, lighter roasted coffee beans. Feel free to browse the full range: you will see that we have green coffees, roasted coffees and lots of coffee accessories.
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